At Gimme Shelter, we bring an artist’s eye and a craftsman’s skill to the work that we do. This isnt just our business; it’s the way we live.  We’re passionate about our commitment to quality, creativity and innovation. We don’t separate our love of the art of home-building from our business of home-building.

We believe in the power of teamwork and collective creativity, and depend on our crew and subcontractors for innovative solutions to the inevitable complex details and technical demands that come up during the construction phase. At Gimme Shelter, the shared history and experience among our crew and subcontractors allows us to provide you with a high level of artistry and performance.

Great homes are a result of a shared vision and a generous sense of collaboration between the designer, homeowner, and craftsmen.  Our commitment to superior building performance and sustainability means you’ll get an efficient, environmentally friendly home from the most experienced high-performance home builders in Wisconsin.

Our commitment to sustainable construction and renewable lifestyles extends to our office and shop facilities as well.  Photovoltaic panels power our building and solar hydronic panels heat water for in-floor radiant heat.  A masonry heater heats the shop space as well.  We use portable photovoltaic panels mounted on a trailer to provide power to jobsites before conventional electrical hook-ups are available.
Materials are selected based on durability, environmental impact, low-toxicity, and relative cost.  We use sustainably harvested pine from the world-renowned Menominee Tribal forest for exterior sheathing and subfloors, standing seam metal roofs, thincoat plaster and solid wood paneling and floor surfaces. We don’t use OSB, vinyl siding or other manufactured materials that are less durable and create undesirable environmental hazards for occupants.