About Us


The Gimme Shelter Crew


Owners: Mark Klein, John Brown, Mark Dostal

Crew: Dave Shantz, Jeff Steinmetz, Dave Mangin,

Jeremy Woodliff, Matthew Stellner, Scot Geske

Office Manager: Amy Hussin


Mark Klein has been designing and building high-performance homes for over 30 years at Gimme Shelter.  Mark lives an owner-built, off-grid home, which features  a wood-fired bake oven, masonry heaters, solar hydronic heating system, and a renewable electrical system powered by solar and wind.

 John Brown has been with the Gimme Shelter Crew since 2003. He has been a Project Manager for our job sites starting in 2009.  As an owner, his knowledge of construction, job site experience, and valuable research add a value to all of our current and future projects.


Mark Dostal worked for Gimme Shelter for many years as a crew member.   He rejoined Gimme Shelter as an owner in 2012. His drawing, design and engineering background, along with his years of carpentry experience, are great assets  for our team.


Our crew members have a range of building backgrounds: some grew up in builder families, some have worked in construction related fields, and some are just over-educated owner/builders. We rely on humor and experience in equal amounts. There are many stories of fishing expeditions, shared vacation experiences, personal foibles, and outrageous party stories that have become a body of work to rival our finest homes.